A fiduciary is someone who has control over or responsibility for another person’s life, liberty or property.  Commonly, a fiduciary controls or has access to someone’s money, e.g., a Personal Representative of an estate, a Trustee managing funds held in trust for a beneficiary, or someone using a Power of Attorney to utilize the assets of another person.  The fiduciary duty is one of the highest legal responsibilities one can undertake. The rules governing the actions of a fiduciary can be complex but are rooted in the determination of what a reasonably prudent person would do in the principal’s shoes.  Problems arise when interested persons disagree with the fiduciary about what is "reasonable" under the circumstances. Our attorneys have guided and represented fiduciaries not only in carrying out their duties, but have themselves served as trustee, personal representative, attorney-in-fact, and guardian.

King Hall assists by:

  • Representing personal representatives, trustees, guardians, attorneys-in-fact (pursuant to a power of attorney), health care agents or other fiduciaries

  • Serving as personal representative, trustee, guardian, attorney-in-fact or agent